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Election simulation unleashes inner strategist

Vancouver, BC - December 13, 2005 - Voters can take Canadian political campaigns into their own hands this winter with Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2006, a realistic strategy game that uses sophisticated modelling to reproduce the federal election down to each riding.

The Canadian version of the game the Washington Post called "Part SimCity, part C-SPAN" has been thoroughly updated and improved. The new release includes election scenarios from 1993 through 2006, and enhanced features such as more parties, detailed advertising strategies and party-specific campaign goals.

"For political geeks, entertainment requires accuracy," said Anthony Burgoyne, lead developer for Prime Minister Forever - Canada 2006. "We want users to have real-life precision in all aspects of the campaign while retaining the strategic, high-level view of the campaign you would have as a Karl Rove."

Users can edit existing candidates and add new ones, meaning players can run an election as Pierre Trudeau, Pamela Anderson or even themselves. The detailed simulation allows players to control up to 16 parties at a time, each with its own platform and strategy on where and how to use limited political, financial and personal resources. Players must choose how much time, money and effort their candidate will allocate to advertising, fundraising, giving speeches, spinning the news and recruiting high-profile and grassroots supporters including newspapers and interest groups.

The game is available in Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP format for purchase online for $18.95. New for this holiday season, gift downloads make Prime Minister Forever the perfect holiday option for election enthusiasts and armchair campaign strategists of all political stripes. A trial demonstration version is available at www.80soft.com.

About the publisher

80soft is a Vancouver-based software company specializing in political gaming. Founded in 2000, 80soft strives to bring the democratic process alive by creating engaging, realistic simulations of elections past and present.

A US version, President Forever, received critical acclaim and popular success during the 2004 presidential election. 80soft has also created British, German and Australian election simulations, as well as a BC edition, Premier Forever.

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